Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm back!

After spending a lot of time adding data-visualization tools to BCD, then moving to Norway and dropping the whole project for months, I've finally started work again. It generally went something like this: try the instruction, and see that it doesn't work. Find the logic error, but while fixing it, find that BCD malfunctions. Chase that misbehavior, but find that in adding debugging code, you've managed to invoke some little-used code path that turns out to have a crashing bug in it.


At any rate, I managed to fix my way back up that stack far enough to get all the instructions I've tried working [at least for trivial tests], and that feels like a good place to stop for the night.

  • addi
  • subi
  • addci
  • subci

To Go:
  • lots


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