Sunday, May 28, 2006

Shifting the night away

After making a small change which could easily have killed all the instructions I'd gotten working so far [but didn't], I now have the shift instructions [immediate or register shift amount, left or right, logical or arithmetic] working.

I'm not sure which instructions I'll work on next. There's a bunch of design work that's going to have to be done for either the memory or PC stuff, and I want to see if I can possibly reuse the ALU state machines.

However, before I do that I want to add to the code that lets me load in tests and helps me visualize data within the simulator. Currently I have to enter tests bit-by-bit, and I'd like to be able to simplify my input files such that I can just input bytes. Similarly, I need to mark up my design files a bit in order to see more of what's going on inside the simulator. The code for that part's already in, but I should add a bunch of annotations to the XML source of the design to make use of it.

Further down the line, I'll be building on that to have self-verifying tests. I'm not sure I'll get that far before getting back to logic design, though.

  • addc
  • addci
  • add
  • addi
  • subc
  • subci
  • sub
  • subi
  • or
  • ori
  • xor
  • xori
  • and
  • andi
  • sh
  • shi

To Go:
  • lbr
  • lba
  • lsbr
  • lsba
  • sbr
  • sba
  • ssbr
  • ssba
  • b
  • bc
  • bal
  • jal
  • jmp
  • li


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