Monday, January 15, 2007

It's alive!

As of this weekend, I've implemented:
...and it ran!

Well, not first try, obviously. Hence the disassembler. But it ran.

That's all hand-assembled machine code, BTW, as I haven't yet figured out the assembler that A. wrote for me over a year ago. I guess I'll have reason to, now; I should write up a reasonable test suite for it, to make sure I haven't missed any corner cases. First I've got to learn enough Parsec to bring it up to date with the changes in machine code since I gave A. the instruction set documentation.

Still to be completed for Ball Computer 1.0 are the I/O instructions and MUL/MAC [or whatever I decide to implement there]. Currently the only thing off in I/O space is the multiplier, but there may eventually be some actual I/O [for displays, input of parameters, etc.], so I'm going to make it reasonably general.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm one of many people who check in on this from time to time in the hope of seeing some gigantic ball based monster of a computer built, just thought I'd say hi since people aren't leaving comments.

Personally I blame this being too complicated and hurting brains, I only understand part of what you write. :)

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It could only be you. Ive read your blog...Im pretty sure its brilliant, or at least technical enough to seem thought to look you up, and this and a juggling pic from '92 was all I found. So the ball computer, it has to be you. I think of you fondly from time to time, and wonder what you've been up to since we were kids. I would love to hear from you..I can be reached at
Heatherly...UU must remember me ;)
Aug. 20 2007

11:44 AM  

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