Sunday, May 03, 2009

Yes, I'm still alive

I haven't got any new diagrams to show you, but I have actually done a little work on the machine since my last post oh-so-long ago.

In November I put in a long-needed randomizer, so that simulated gates get set to a random position at startup if not explicitly set to a value. This of course shook out a few bugs [generally of the "I completely forgot to hook that gate up" type], and it also pointed out some UI improvements that BCD needed in order to make it clear what was initialized to zero and what was just defaulting to zero.

Yesterday I dug back in to familiarize myself with the system, then did a bit of cleanup of the load immediate instruction's implementation.

Today I implemented the 4 multiply instructions [mul/mac/smul/smac], but have yet to begin debugging them. I wrote a quick test ROM for mul, and it failed, but I'm not going to start debugging tonight. That seems like a good place to start next time.


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