Monday, January 15, 2007

It's alive!

As of this weekend, I've implemented:
...and it ran!

Well, not first try, obviously. Hence the disassembler. But it ran.

That's all hand-assembled machine code, BTW, as I haven't yet figured out the assembler that A. wrote for me over a year ago. I guess I'll have reason to, now; I should write up a reasonable test suite for it, to make sure I haven't missed any corner cases. First I've got to learn enough Parsec to bring it up to date with the changes in machine code since I gave A. the instruction set documentation.

Still to be completed for Ball Computer 1.0 are the I/O instructions and MUL/MAC [or whatever I decide to implement there]. Currently the only thing off in I/O space is the multiplier, but there may eventually be some actual I/O [for displays, input of parameters, etc.], so I'm going to make it reasonably general.